• Duo Delight: Passion, Lush & Slider - Shusshh β€’ I Come First 🌈
  • Duo Delight: Passion, Lush & Slider - Shusshh β€’ I Come First 🌈
  • Duo Delight: Passion, Lush & Slider - Shusshh β€’ I Come First 🌈
  • Duo Delight: Passion, Lush & Slider - Shusshh β€’ I Come First 🌈

Duo Delight: Passion, Lush & Slider

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Meet LUSH and Passion – your ultimate muse for intimate moments! LUSH, a female massager, and Passion, a sleek delight for men, bring 10 sensations each. Elevate your connection with these besharam toys for couples. Plus, enjoy free Slide Lubricants – perfect for friction-free satisfaction. Spice up your fun together now!
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Internal & External

Internal & External


Internal & External


Suction, Flapping & Vibrations

Suctions & Vibrations


Suction & Vibration







Trio Fun

Soft Duo


Soft Duo


3x Functions

2x Functions

Ribbed Tip

2x Functions & Ribbed Texture


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

It's a vibe dance! Use the controls to find your rhythm - 10 modes, one goal: your ultimate satisfaction!

Dive right in! Passion is waterproof, making aquatic adventures just as thrilling.

Absolutely! Say goodbye to batteries – Passion juices up for round after round of pleasure.

Passion is not your average Joe! It's a ribbed maestro with 10 vibration modes, designed to elevate your ecstasy game.

Certainly! Our lube is dermatologically tested, ensuring a gentle touch even for the most sensitive skin. It's time to pamper yourself in the pursuit of pleasure!

Shusshh is here for the long haul! Our Water-Based Lube Slide provides a lasting glide, so you can focus on the pleasure without interruptions.

You bet! Our water-based formula is toy-friendly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all your intimate adventures.

Absolutely! Our Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Chocolate flavors are crafted with care, using natural extracts to create an authentic and mouth-watering experience.

You'll find LUSH, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual to guide you through the journey of self-indulgence.

Of course! LUSH is compact and travel-friendly. Slip it in your bag for a little pleasure wherever you roam.

Dive right in! LUSH is fully waterproof, so you can enjoy its magic in the shower or the bath.

It's as simple as ABC! Use the two buttonsβ€”one for vibrations and the other for suctionβ€”to explore all the delightful modes. Mix and match for a personalized experience.

Safety first! LUSH is made from body-safe silicone, free from harmful chemicals. It's gentle, hygienic, and a breeze to clean.

Easy-peasy! Just plug it in using the included USB cable. It's ready to play after a brief charge.

Absolutely! LUSH is your silent partner in pleasure, designed to be discreet, so you can indulge without anyone being the wiser.

LUSH is your secret weapon for relaxation, satisfaction, and bliss! It's a female body massager by Shusshh designed to provide 10 unique vibration modes and 5 irresistible suction modes.

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